Internal Body Conditioning for Martial Arts, Health and Fitness Purposes

Condition your body internally, double your lung capacity and improve your endurance, performance health and fitness simultaneously whatever sport you practice. Chinese invention 5 Elements Qigong, little-known in the West, familiar to some trained in certain Chinese Internal Martial Arts, enables you to do this.Conditioning The Body’s InteriorInternal body-conditioning has received thousands of years of study in China, under the heading of Internal (Nei Dan) Qigong including Wu Gong (Martial Strong) versions for Martial Artists. Most Westerners access only 30% of their Internal Energy potential due largely to unfamiliarity with the techniques strengthening, balancing and drawing upon these.5 Elements WugongThis will double your lung capacity, leave you with a 40% reserve and simultaneously improve the quality of your other four major internal organs: kidneys, liver heart and spleen in similar fashions. Shaolin maxim: “When two tough guys fight the one with the deeper breathing wins.” shows how vital inner strength and endurance are in combat (these also encourage rapid recovery-time).Improve internal energetics, remain the same bodyweight and become stronger via increased power-to-weight ratio, no matter what sport or even training for fitness and health purposes only. Eight sub-breaths, plus key meditations complete one 5 Elements inhalation.Meditating on each of the 5 major internal organs in structured fashions invigorates and strengthens each in turn after prolonged practice. Lung-expansion related to the organ’s physical location, during in-breaths, ensures balanced increases in lung capacity.Practice the basic body/organ meditations first. Once confident in these, progress to the 5 Element attributions. Breath, consciousness and body aligned as one makes you more likely to achieve related goals–one of Chinese Martial Arts’ many meditation ‘secrets’.5 Elements MatrixThis links related themes, areas and topics extending into Feng Shui, for instance, with reference to location, direction and the Pa Kua. Deepen knowledge and understanding of these areas via online reading related to 5 Element Theory to help you appreciate these associations’ whys and wherefores.Element, Colour, Organ, Animal & Breath Nos.;Metal, Silver/White, Lungs, Leopard 1 and 8;Water, Dark Blue/Black, Kidneys, Crane, 2;Wood, Green, Liver, Dragon 3;Fire, Red, Heart, Tiger, 4;Earth, Yellow, Spleen, Snake, 7.On breath no. 5 meditate on Heaven (source of Elements, Animals and Humanity) on breath 6 meditate on Humanity (yourself as an individual, as a Race, and humans’ position beneath Heaven yet above the Animals etc.).This introductory article outlines this subject’s basics. Instruction from a properly qualified Qigong Master produces surprising results, over time, if a progressive 5 Elements ‘Wuxing’ training programme is followed.

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Photography Information About Street Photography

Now I have some photography information that is about street photography. What is street photography? I can tell you that it is not about taken pictures of the streets. Actually street photography has nothing to do with the street. This just a term that stuck with people.It would be better to describe street photography as moment photography, photos that are taken in the moment without any prep. You could also describe it as social photography, the way that people interact with others. It is about our human society,shared moments, and our environments. It is photos of people in their own habitat.Different photographers will focus on different things. Some street photographers try to capture funny moments and others will capture people. You can take pictures of the daily lives of people. This can be from the homeless person all the way up to high society. The main thing here is that you can shoot what you want.You will want to try and capture real everyday life. You can shoot people in public places that they go to every day. This can be the parking lot or your local store and the people that work in the store. Take shots of people using the subway or on the freeway. These type of images make for some great street photography.As a street photographer you will need to pay attention to detail. You want to pay attention to scenes, moments that you may only recognize subconsciously. Use the camera as an extension of your eye and capture the images that you feel. You want to capture people when they are involved in what they are doing and not paying attention to you.Street photography is deceptively simple in it’s definition yet it is complex in nature. Street photography has provided some of the strongest practical purposes in photography. A lot of documentation work of lifestyles and living conditions of different societies were accomplished though street photography.So now that you have this photography information about street photography you can grab your camera, hit the streets and capture life as it is.

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Creating The Lifestyle Of Your Dreams

For most people when thinking of the dream lifestyle the first images that come to their mind are images of travel to distant warm beaches, relaxing mornings with their favorite cup of coffee, lots of toys and cash, basically to have the finances to do as they please.But let me make myself clear what I am talking about is much more than that. I am also talking about great health, spiritual wealth and happiness. A women’s dream lifestyle has it all.The lifestyle of your dreams has it all. The truth is creating the lifestyle of your dreams begins with your health.Think about it, maintaining your health allows you to do the things you love.Whether you dream of a life of adventure, travel, or simply swimming, golfing, hiking or bike riding it all requires you to have your health. A healthy lifestyle isn’t just about what you eat, though that’s a part of it.It’s also about achieving balance in your life, keeping yourself active, having regular check-ups, getting proper rest, maintaining a positive mental attitude and maintaining a normal body weight.I, like most people didn’t appreciate my health until I had a problem with it.Two years ago, while I was snow skiing, I tore the ligaments in my knee. I needed surgery and used part of my hamstring muscle to replace the torn ligaments. The next step, 9 months of rehabilitation before I was up and active again. The months of rehab and limited activity definitely helped me realize how important maintaining your health is.Believe me spending months on the sofa and watching daytime TV, is not my idea of the lifestyle of my dreams.Good health is the starting point to the lifestyle of your dreams.To create the life of your dreams, choose a healthy lifestyle. With a healthy life you will have better mental clarity, more energy, more joy, and better performance.What can you do to have a healthier lifestyle?Just one goal like becoming more active for 20 minutes 4 times a week, or eating less (or no) junk food, can make a difference in your health.When it comes to making changes in your life don’t choose to change too many things at once just pick one or two things to focus on at a time. Then make an absolute commitment to make the change.Then hang in there because things will happen to sidetrack you off your goals. It starts with making the decision, without the decision you leave your future to chance.When you have a mentor or coach you are much more likely to succeed. My partner Elena and I are here to help you live an amazing life.We would love to help you live the best life that you can, the one you deserve. Join us in this journey for you. We have a free training course on how to live the lifestyle of your dreams. We will share with you tips on time management, a healthy lifestyle, and achieving balance in your life, strategies and much more.Trust me you’ll be glad you did. Sign in at the top of our blog,, to get your free training.

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