Internal Body Conditioning for Martial Arts, Health and Fitness Purposes

Condition your body internally, double your lung capacity and improve your endurance, performance health and fitness simultaneously whatever sport you practice. Chinese invention 5 Elements Qigong, little-known in the West, familiar to some trained in certain Chinese Internal Martial Arts, enables you to do this.Conditioning The Body’s InteriorInternal body-conditioning has received thousands of years of study in China, under the heading of Internal (Nei Dan) Qigong including Wu Gong (Martial Strong) versions for Martial Artists. Most Westerners access only 30% of their Internal Energy potential due largely to unfamiliarity with the techniques strengthening, balancing and drawing upon these.5 Elements WugongThis will double your lung capacity, leave you with a 40% reserve and simultaneously improve the quality of your other four major internal organs: kidneys, liver heart and spleen in similar fashions. Shaolin maxim: “When two tough guys fight the one with the deeper breathing wins.” shows how vital inner strength and endurance are in combat (these also encourage rapid recovery-time).Improve internal energetics, remain the same bodyweight and become stronger via increased power-to-weight ratio, no matter what sport or even training for fitness and health purposes only. Eight sub-breaths, plus key meditations complete one 5 Elements inhalation.Meditating on each of the 5 major internal organs in structured fashions invigorates and strengthens each in turn after prolonged practice. Lung-expansion related to the organ’s physical location, during in-breaths, ensures balanced increases in lung capacity.Practice the basic body/organ meditations first. Once confident in these, progress to the 5 Element attributions. Breath, consciousness and body aligned as one makes you more likely to achieve related goals–one of Chinese Martial Arts’ many meditation ‘secrets’.5 Elements MatrixThis links related themes, areas and topics extending into Feng Shui, for instance, with reference to location, direction and the Pa Kua. Deepen knowledge and understanding of these areas via online reading related to 5 Element Theory to help you appreciate these associations’ whys and wherefores.Element, Colour, Organ, Animal & Breath Nos.;Metal, Silver/White, Lungs, Leopard 1 and 8;Water, Dark Blue/Black, Kidneys, Crane, 2;Wood, Green, Liver, Dragon 3;Fire, Red, Heart, Tiger, 4;Earth, Yellow, Spleen, Snake, 7.On breath no. 5 meditate on Heaven (source of Elements, Animals and Humanity) on breath 6 meditate on Humanity (yourself as an individual, as a Race, and humans’ position beneath Heaven yet above the Animals etc.).This introductory article outlines this subject’s basics. Instruction from a properly qualified Qigong Master produces surprising results, over time, if a progressive 5 Elements ‘Wuxing’ training programme is followed.

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